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  1. Call Us Today and Receive a Free Brochure or Evaluation
    Call Us Today and Receive a Free Brochure or Evaluation
  2. Our High Quality Stair lifts Will Have You Moving In No Time
    Our High Quality Stair lifts Will Have You Moving In No Time
  3. Our Servicing Team Is Available 24/7
    Our Servicing Team Is Available 24/7

If you are looking for the best place to find high-quality Stair Lifts you 
couldn't have come to a better place! Here at Solano Mobility & Accessibility tm, we offer 
the best mobility and accessibility products at the best prices.

We are a Family Owned National Business with 30 + years of experience selling, renting and 
servicing mobility and accessibility products. We provide custom applications, stock equipment,
and adaptable products. Our goal is to Simplify Your Life tm with the use of
our products. We are able to evaluate the customer's needs, evaluate the home or facility,
and determine the correct product to use for enhancing our customers' lives.

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Quality Service

  1. Best Location
    ​Serving the U.S.A. with White Glove Home Deliveries and Setup.
  2. Service Team
    Available 24 hours 7 days per week even during holidays.
  3. Our Repairs
    We repair Mobility & Accessibility products. Even products we didn't sell or install.
  4. Our Offers
    We offer the best Mobility & Accessibility Products & Service for the Best Price.

"We'll put you on the move without taking you for a Ride"

Satisfied ​​Customers
  1. Agapito T.
    Solano Mobility and Accessibility tm was very professional with obtaining the authorization for my power chair through my health insurance plan. My health insurance plan paid for my entire power chair. I love my power chair, I wish I had ordered it years ago, and I would recommend it to anyone having difficulty walking
  2. Nick C.
    I love my stair lift. It was installed within a few hours, runs up and down my staircase several times per day helping both me and my wife. I wish I had installed it 10 years ago. Thanks to Solano Mobility & Accessibility tm I now can enjoy the house I love
  3. Frank S.
    My modular ramp has made living in my new home a pleasure. I can now go in and out of my house with ease. My everyday chores are no longer a pain as I now can handle the groceries and laundry without getting out of my manual wheelchair. Thanks to Solano Mobility & Accessibility's expert installation my ramp safely gets me to where I want to go
  4. Sheila S.
    Solano Mobility & Accessibility responded immediately to our emergency. Although the chairlift's motherboard was not functioning, the technician was able to hot-wire the chairlift to get my husband upstairs. The unit needed to be replaced, and was within two days with a refurbished model. And the price was right! Very reasonable. I would highly recommend their services.
  5. Marion L.
    We want to thank Solano Mobility & Accessibility for their help and advice in troubleshooting my father's stairlift. The technician was kind enough to answer all of our questions and guide us through some technical issues of which we were not aware. The technician seems to really enjoy his work and is sincere in his desire to help customers. Thank you, Solano Mobility & Accessibility.
  6. Marian D.
    Solano Mobility & Accessibility installed a Chair Lift. They did a nice job and the installer is a great man! He was on time and responsible.

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