Mobility Scooters assist people with safe and convenient transportation

We sell most types of Mobility Scooters also known as Power Operated Vehicles.

Our Mobility Scooters come complete with batteries, anti-tipping wheels, a key lock switch, a speed potentiometer, and fingertip controllers.

Our Mobility Scooters are made from tubular steel, have rack and pinion steering, smart electronic technology, which provides onboard diagnostics, and all our mobility scooters come in a choice of body and seat colors.

Our Mobility Scooters are unique because they have onboard diagnostics, lightweight components for easy transport, and provide long-range use on a full charge. The standard features and options we offer are; front and rear baskets, oxygen tank and cane holders, flat free tires, covers, and canopy shade type roofs.

Lastly, If you have health insurance we will even complete your respective paperwork so you may be reimbursed by your Health Insurance Plan.