Electric Wheelchairs

Bariatric Power Wheelchairs

Our Jazzy®motorized wheelchair line is designed to fulfill a variety of consumer needs and lifestyles. Experience ultimate traction and robust features with our Jazzy bariatric power wheelchairs. The Jazzy® 1450 power wheelchair is engineered for the bariatric market.Our Jazzy® 1450 offers heavy duty construction and performance components. Including upgraded motors and a reinforced frame. Get superb indoor maneuvering with Pride’s bariatric power wheelchairs.

Elevating Power Wheelchairs

If you have limited mobility and desire quick access to your environment, a Jazzy® elevating power wheelchair is the answer! The Jazzy Air® electric wheelchair elevates 10 inches in just 16 seconds ensuring quick access to cabinetry and shelving. Users can drive up to 3.5 mph while elevated in the motorized wheelchair and experience face-to-face social engagement. Enhance your independence with a Jazzy elevating power wheelchair.


Folding Power Wheelchairs

Folding power wheelchairs are perfect for your busy, on-the-go lifestyle! When you need portability and a compact design, consider our Jazzy® electric wheelchairs for your mobility needs. The Jazzy® Passport folds easily in just a few steps for effortless transport. Jazzy motorized wheelchairs are versatile, comfortable and built to last. Find a Pride® folding power wheelchair that delivers ultimate portability to suit your busy life.

Lightweight Electric Wheelchairs

When you need a lightweight electric wheelchair, consider Jazzy® Power Chairs. They are designed to meet the needs of everyday people in the real world. Pride’s lightweight electric wheelchairs are extremely portable and compact. The Go Chair® electric wheelchair disassembles easily into five pieces for maximum convenience. The Jazzy® Passport wheelchair folds in just a few simple steps to make traveling a breeze. Engineered for long-lasting durability, there is a Jazzy lightweight electric wheelchair for every person and lifestyle.

Travel Power Wheelchairs

Don’t let limited mobility keep you from exploring your world. Check out the Jazzy® Power Chairs line to find a travel power wheelchair that meets your travel needs. Whether you are riding the rails or cruising the seas, you need a travel power wheelchair that is lightweight and portable. The Jazzy® Passport electric wheelchair folds easily for compact stowage. The Go Chair® motorized wheelchair disassembles into five pieces for convenient transport. Consider a Jazzy travel power wheelchair for your next adventure.